My Mother’s Eyes

My film is very nearly finished. I just need to go to the NFTS to do the final sound mix . That will be between our assessment deadline and the screening at Everyman Cinema. I have really tried to keep going over the film as an whole and make sure it all makes sense and flows as much as possible. I have made lots and lots of small changes which I hope have really pushed it further and developed it. It is hard to stop changing things but soon I am going to draw a line underneath it and stop. The final music and sound are being done this week too and it will be harder to change things after that.

In the presentation I am going to talk about themes of loss and death, inspirations for my film, the process of making it and some of the ideas and symbols within the film.

I am hoping that people will be able to enjoy the film and relate to it in different ways. If people have also experienced loss maybe they will feel that or maybe they will be able to relate to some of the growing up themes or having a strong bond with a parent.

It is scary to put this thing out into the world after six months of development.

It has a been such a brilliant 2 years on this course and I look forward to the celebration of it all now with the degree show etc.



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