‘suffering fruit’

‘Suffering fruit’ Paul Klee, 1933

I came across this painting above recently. It is so beautiful! I like the soft colours and simplicity. I like how the colour has been placed intentionally and hope I can do the same If I have time to add some colour to my film. Hopefully early next week.

I am still animating. I hoped I would be finished but I am going through edits. I have almost finished the first 9 shots completely so the sound designer can start working on them tomorrow evening.

My new ending seems to be making the story a lot clearer. I am planning to show some people who don’t know about me or my film this weekend and get some last feedback while there is still time for small changes. The way the film has constantly developed, story and structure-wise has been a challenge.

My sound designer has been very helpful in working out some parts of the story with me and what the audience should be feeling etc. It has been an interesting learning experience working with a composer and sound designer for the first time.

Well. I just need to keep going and I hope by Friday evening/Saturday day I will have all the edits to the line drawings done and I can do very small changes only, backgrounds and final final edits.

Here is another Paul Klee image I found today. The colours are so warm and friendly. He is so good!

Paul Klee, Nordsee Insel Hauser, 1923


The image above is moving if you go onto her website but only slightly. I really like the use of collage to make subtle animations. Her website is also nice and clear and would be good to look at when making mine.

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