analysis of colour, line and the greyhound

I like the use of boiling watercolour in this film. I would like to try and do something similar for the shadow at the end of mine. I like the combination of simple line-work at splashes of colour. The colour and line work by themselves and also together to do certain things in the film. For example in this film the line creates shapes that contribute to the story and the colour emphasises mood and energy of particular moments.

Talking of line, I just remembered about ‘The Grey Hound’ which is a beautiful film about depression. The energy and movement is so great and partially because the line is so free. This is something I have been trying to figure out a balance between – keeping the spontaneous energy of straight ahead line drawing but also planning some of it so the composition is right etc. I think I am gradually improving but for some of my graduation film in certain shots I am having to go back because in re creating my animatic some of the emotion or intention has gone with too much thinking!

After wathing grey hound I came across another of Josh Saunder’s films. This is really beautiful as well and I love the simplicity of the shots and composition but also the quite manic transitions. They work well with the tone though and don’t disrupt the flow. I have been thinking about using colouring pencil to add small bits of colour to my film, probably just the backgrounds and I think his use of pencil really works. I like how the lines boil.

I have experimented with coloured pencils and oil pastels to add bit of colour to my backrounds:


This is a little test that i did a few weeks ago to start thinking about the colours of the film. I decided it might be too much to have full sections of colour though and just little touches like the test above will work best and assist the story rather than taking away form it.


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