le retour

I really like the way this film uses textured simple backgrounds and am going to experiment with some simple textures in mine when I find some time. I don’t want to overcrowd the shots with colour but just add some touches maybe!

We had our rough cut crit yesterday which was helpful. I half feel like I am nearly there with the animation part of the film and half feel like I have lots of things I want to change. I think a lot of them are small things like making moments last for longer and editing but I need time to experiment and change things and decide what I want and also have time to be able to coordinate with my sound designer and composer…

It can be done but time is of the essence.

I am hoping by the end of next week I will have a lot of the timings in place and then the following week even less little changes to time.

The only thing I really need to change/improve it the clarity of the mother dying and also I might change the scenes where she is sad/depressed which leads to her death. It doesn’t need to be completely obvious and can have some ambiguity but I have realised there is no cause and effect for her melting which represents her sadness.



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