‘suffering fruit’

‘Suffering fruit’ Paul Klee, 1933

I came across this painting above recently. It is so beautiful! I like the soft colours and simplicity. I like how the colour has been placed intentionally and hope I can do the same If I have time to add some colour to my film. Hopefully early next week.

I am still animating. I hoped I would be finished but I am going through edits. I have almost finished the first 9 shots completely so the sound designer can start working on them tomorrow evening.

My new ending seems to be making the story a lot clearer. I am planning to show some people who don’t know about me or my film this weekend and get some last feedback while there is still time for small changes. The way the film has constantly developed, story and structure-wise has been a challenge.

My sound designer has been very helpful in working out some parts of the story with me and what the audience should be feeling etc. It has been an interesting learning experience working with a composer and sound designer for the first time.

Well. I just need to keep going and I hope by Friday evening/Saturday day I will have all the edits to the line drawings done and I can do very small changes only, backgrounds and final final edits.

Here is another Paul Klee image I found today. The colours are so warm and friendly. He is so good!

Paul Klee, Nordsee Insel Hauser, 1923


The image above is moving if you go onto her website but only slightly. I really like the use of collage to make subtle animations. Her website is also nice and clear and would be good to look at when making mine.

analysis of colour, line and the greyhound

I like the use of boiling watercolour in this film. I would like to try and do something similar for the shadow at the end of mine. I like the combination of simple line-work at splashes of colour. The colour and line work by themselves and also together to do certain things in the film. For example in this film the line creates shapes that contribute to the story and the colour emphasises mood and energy of particular moments.

Talking of line, I just remembered about ‘The Grey Hound’ which is a beautiful film about depression. The energy and movement is so great and partially because the line is so free. This is something I have been trying to figure out a balance between – keeping the spontaneous energy of straight ahead line drawing but also planning some of it so the composition is right etc. I think I am gradually improving but for some of my graduation film in certain shots I am having to go back because in re creating my animatic some of the emotion or intention has gone with too much thinking!

After wathing grey hound I came across another of Josh Saunder’s films. This is really beautiful as well and I love the simplicity of the shots and composition but also the quite manic transitions. They work well with the tone though and don’t disrupt the flow. I have been thinking about using colouring pencil to add small bits of colour to my film, probably just the backgrounds and I think his use of pencil really works. I like how the lines boil.

I have experimented with coloured pencils and oil pastels to add bit of colour to my backrounds:


This is a little test that i did a few weeks ago to start thinking about the colours of the film. I decided it might be too much to have full sections of colour though and just little touches like the test above will work best and assist the story rather than taking away form it.


le retour

I really like the way this film uses textured simple backgrounds and am going to experiment with some simple textures in mine when I find some time. I don’t want to overcrowd the shots with colour but just add some touches maybe!

We had our rough cut crit yesterday which was helpful. I half feel like I am nearly there with the animation part of the film and half feel like I have lots of things I want to change. I think a lot of them are small things like making moments last for longer and editing but I need time to experiment and change things and decide what I want and also have time to be able to coordinate with my sound designer and composer…

It can be done but time is of the essence.

I am hoping by the end of next week I will have a lot of the timings in place and then the following week even less little changes to time.

The only thing I really need to change/improve it the clarity of the mother dying and also I might change the scenes where she is sad/depressed which leads to her death. It doesn’t need to be completely obvious and can have some ambiguity but I have realised there is no cause and effect for her melting which represents her sadness.



loss + absence

These are some other films that tackle the theme of loss and they do it really beautifully. They both use a lot of symbolism to show absence. Un Jour uses the hole left in the main characters belly that once held her partner. Father and Daughter uses repetition of a journey. The daughter’s longing for her missing father is emphasised as the journey she originally took with him is repeated in different scenarios.

In both these films the loss happens earlier than in mine. I need to make my symbolism clearer for the death and also the sadness of the mother that leads to the death. The loss and the hope at the end also need to be clearer. I think timing, more time on certain shots and sound will also help a lot.