growing up + sound

This still above is taken from shot 11 of my film which is the growing up montage. It took a lot longer than expected which is something we are all realising happens every single time you make a schedule. It is a long scene thought so I am glad I spent the time on it. I also thought the chord wouldn’t be too hard to animate but making it look ok and not too distracting proved to be quite a challenge. I also got some advice about composition from Ines. I am trying to think more about where I put things in the space.

This is Matt my composer:

This is Ben my sound designer:

The initial stages of collaborating have been really enjoyable. It was interesting to show both of them my animatic as they had interesting feedback and ways of looking at the film that I hadn’t even noticed. One of the things Ben the sound designer, who is currently studying at NFTS noticed was that the film either seems to be a montage type scene or you are at ‘normal’ time with the characters. I found this a really helpful way to clarify how the film is structured. Matt also wanted more of a clear and broad structure to the film for his composing and it was quite helpful for me to have to think about it like that!

I am now sending them regular updates of my animatic so they can see how it is progressing and hopefully by mid may I can give the composer the full animated line work to start the final composition.

I am really looking forward to working with them. Sound helps so much in bringing animation to life! It really did with our ENO project and I am hoping it will with this film too.



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