I went to the library for the first time in a while whilst applying for the BFI/BBC funding (didn’t get it) and stumbled across this book all about Alexander Calder. I had only seen his mobiles but his graphic work and jewellery are so beautiful!

and his jewellery:

I love the way all the lines have such great movement and weight to them, even the ring.


jan lenica + background tests

I love these poster designs by Jan Lenica. The second one could be helpful when I am figuring out how to add simple backgrounds. I have found a paper texture that I like if I don’t have time for backgrounds or for shots that don’t need one. It could also be the base for other parts of the background. It seems to add a warmth to the film which I like.

Noemi from the first year did some test with a few of my hand drawn backgrounds. I need to think more about the colour palette but I have decided to keep the character see through so you see the background instead of white. Noemi’s tests help me to figure that out.

For now I am going to get the animation of the line finished and then start doing the backgrounds so that the composer and sound designer have something to work with timing wise as well and also incase I need to make changes to the animation last minute… hopefully not many!

I am going to reference this painting again – 1927 ‘seaside resort in the south of france’ Paul Klee because I love the patterns and colours so much and would like to keep them in mind when doing my backgrounds.

friday 16th march

It is the last day of term tomorrow and we are all showing our work so far on our graduation films. I think i am doing ok… These are some drawings I did the other day when experimenting for backgrounds and textures that could be scanned in.

I am still not happy with the opening shot of my film but I think I have time to figure out a new one.

I watched Renata GÄ…siorowska’s film ‘pussy’ again and it is so great! There was a bit where she melts nicely onto the sofa which could be a helpful reference for the mother melting in my film. The simple visual design and sound design work so well!


There is also a section in a completely different medium which I had forgotten from the first viewing which was very pleasing:

Since Marian introduced me to celine devaux and I watched ‘sunday lunch’ I can’t stop looking at her work. The whole film was full of interesting transitions and all the shots were so well thought out. I am trying to take some inspiration when thinking about composition.

beauty and the beast inspired?

bosch inspired?

Now for crit day then easter hols/make film


Animating has now begun. I am slowly getting back into it. This animation above by Gil Alkabetz uses textures nicely. I am not sure how the characters are made but the silhouetting in all his films is great.

YouTube Preview Image

I love this opening so much. I am definitely not happy with my opening yet but I am going to keep going ahead with my film and go back to it.