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I need to start animating this week. I am still unsure whether the ending will be the daughter pregnant or just end on the shadow of the mum coming to be with the daughter. I still need to sort out a log line and would like a clear one in the next week or so so I can tell people clearly what is is about but in an interesting way. It is about a mother daughter relationship, loss and how even when people are gone they are still with you… in your shadows.
I am reconsidering using the eyes in the way i did before because It just never quite worked how I wanted it to. Instead I am considering stretching parts of the body like we did in our paint on glass project very much inspired by caroline leaf – like movements. instead of moving the whole body – just the part doing something moves.

I need to distinguish between the daughter and mothers eyes. The mother will have three eyelashes and the daughter no lashes.

Here are some ideas for the scene of time passing when the mother is waiting for her daughter or longing for her and missing her. Like the bedtime story at the start of this post and the one above – I would really like to use black in a few of the scenes. I really like the effect it has on a scene. The grief section could definitely have this darkness. The image below is an attempt to make the shadow after the grief but I am not happy with how it looks yet.

I love this Klee painting which uses a black background and colour really well.


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