characters and colours

I am still trying to work out exactly what my film will look like. I would like to make it hand drawn. I am trying out acrylic paint, oil pastels, gauche, ink, colouring pencils and normal pencils and i will hopefully find a solution. Above are some character designs for ‘mum’ (working title). On the left the mother and on the right the daughter. I think the daughter will have a sort of mushroom like body to distinguish her from the curvier mother. I would like the whole film to be rounded, warm and friendly feeling. Below are a few visual references. Japanese Hiragana which is like for its roundedness and a painting I did which I like for it’s colours. I am going to test out doing a similar colour palette for my film.


Below are some more tests for the film. I still have lots of tests to do.

I think I naturally enjoy using ink so I think I should use a mixture of ink and paint but need to work out if I need to draw it all in pencil first.

Another thing I have been thinking about is the different locations in the film to try and clear up in my head where the different things will take place.

  1. inside kitchen
  2. inside bedroom
  3. inside mum’s sofa
  4. outside view of kitchen window
  5. outside with view of train
  6. outside in park (view we see out of kitchen window)
  7. intro/birth/growing up/grief/ending – abstract space with no background – at the moment

Next week we start animating so before then…

to do:

  • style frames for film
  • write a tag line for film and stick by my desk
  • finish adding changes to animatic so it is all really clear
  • get in touch with my second year helper and decide what they are going to do!

more Michael Dudok De Witt – i love the warm, soft colours:

and some photos of the sky I took:

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