Here is a drawing of a hug I drew this week.

Today we have our reference footage recording which was really helpful. Everyone helped me develop my ending and bring to life a few of the scenes. Here is a picture of Helena being the mum and me being the daughter who is upset but then mum takes her eyes up to the sky to see something beautiful.

and here is that scene in my original storyboard.

For the scene where the mother is sitting in the window and is sad, Helena was really helpful and her acting has given me some ideas for facial expressions…

Sacha’s film has a scene with dancing food which was very enjoyable to act out. 

thoughts and ideas after LAVS


  • the daughter is sitting at the kitchen table and the mum has just faded away.
  • there is silence
  • the daughter is left alone and the background disappears to leave her
  • the camera looks down at her to emphasise her sadness
  • more silence as we hold on her. alone.
  • she places her hand on her belly
  • then slowly the mothers shadow walks in/moves in/appears slowly
  • the shadow is the colour the we have got to know the mum as throughout the film
  • the shadow also has blinking eyes like the ones we saw on the mother throughout
  • the daughter gradually becomes less sad/camera angle becomes more positive/straight on
  • the daughter lifts her hand from her belly and we see that she is pregnant
  • she looks down at her baby perhaps with a suggestion that she is pondering how she used to be the baby and her relationship with her mother. she is now the mother.

table activities

  • have a third table activity
  • sewing up a hole in daughters clothes?
  • sewing on name tags for school? but maybe she isn’t at school yet?
  • daughter reading or doing something at the same time
  • the daughter gets sleepy as the third table activity happens (next see bedtime story)


  • colour of mum is colour of shadow at the end
  • make them each have a colour and make that part of their personality/character

The people we loose are still there with us. They are our shadows.

I saw this Hiroshige painting for the first time this week. I find it very calming and satisfying!

Off to the RCA work in progress show this afternoon. Hopefully some inspiration for my film if I go ahead with hand drawing it.

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