mothers: storyboard

  • pregnant mother
  • mother take eye off her face and goes to inspect her belly
  • her eye says hello to her unborn child
  • they already have a great connection, of course. One is inside the other
  • Titles appear: mothers (working title)
  • the baby is born (would like to show birth but not sure how yet). We see an extreme perspective view of them looking at each other for the first time.
  • we see baby and mother playing and happy and bonding. umbilical chord is still attached.
  • mother takes baby’s eyes and shows her some of the wonderful things in the world, like the nights sky.
  • first time walking in the woods – we see their loving relationship continue. they are happy. the umbilical chord is still attached

  • The daughter has grown up a bit
  • we see them eating
  • we see them doing a puzzle. The umbilical chord is still attached
  • back walking in the woods but this time there is a distance between the two
  • some indication that the mother is not happy

  • The daughter has grown again and her bags are packed
  • she walks away from the house towards the train
  • she gets on the train. her mother is happy to see her grow up and leave
  • their chord is still attached
  • the girl is on the train. the train leaves.


  • Their chord breaks

  • they meet again. The girl is living somewhere else but they are meeting. Maybe having a coffee? maybe reading? indicating the daughter is a grown up.
  • A third time, they walk in the woods. the daughter wants to tell her mother something but can’t. the mother is even more distant and sad. the mother fades away. (not sure how visually yet). Maybe she turns into the surroundings. The daughter is left alone.
  • there is silence
    • we go into the daughters head and it is silent and still
    • grief montage? not sure yet. but if there is then the grotesque view of life after youve experienced death. people talking but you don’t really understand what they are saying. hundreds of letters and flowers flying in?
    • we come back to the daughter.


  • She wanted to tell her mother that she was pregnant but she didn’t get the chance. The cycle of life starts again.

I was thinking about how the mother in my film could take her eye from her face and stretch her arm out to see things closer. This animation above may be inspiring for other ways in which I can play around with distorting their bodies. I would also like to look beyond other animations or perhaps when I am drawing some ideas will come. Pans Labyrinth was an accidental influence.

ways the mother could fade away:
– she could turn into the surroundings of the daughter
– she could fade away a bit each time she gets sad and become part of the daughter or the world around them in some way
– Ines referenced the leaves in pocahontis

Paul Klee puppets. I haven’t quite worked out what my characters look like but maybe klee can help.


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