new idea: mothers

After trying repeatedly to make a storyboard and animatic for my shapes film I have decided on a new idea. The story is still about loss but it is about loss by looking at a relationship between a mother and a daughter.

Louise Bourgeois has some wonderful images of pregnancy. She has been very inspiring and Kim Noce also beautifully explores the relationship between mothers and their daughters. I had enjoyed both these artworks before but when I had the idea to explore that relationship they seemed more important. Bourgeois uses very simple forms that have great impact which I would like to draw inspiration from. Although this may change, at the moment I would like to take inspiration from Kim and look at the umbilical chord as a representation of the bond that always remains between a mother and a daughter. I have read about this invisible string that remains throughout a mother-daughter relationship. There is something there, always but inevitably as the daughter grows up, a distance starts to appear.

Here are some more initial sketches:

I went to see a really incredible film on the weekend called ‘walk with me’. It is about zen monks and mindfulness. The pace is slow but so impactful. I think silence and pauses need to be used in my film to create impact and sadness where needed. Silence after noise can be so hard hitting.

Sarah Woolner has helped me develop my story for the mother-daughter film. The structure involves having a bonding activity that the mother and daughter do which might be walking in the woods or hills somewhere or eating a meal or maybe doing a puzzle. Whatever my chosen one is, it will be shown three times and each time, the audience will get a sense that something in that relationship has been lost. They become more and more distant. In the final encounter by which time the daughter has grown up and left home, the mother will be completely absent and then fade away (not sure how visually yet). Then we will find out that the daughter herself is pregnant. The cycle of life begins again.


I am currently trying to organise these thoughts and drawings into a storyboard/animatic of some sort.

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