I think I am going to hand draw this project. I am 90 percent sure but by the end of the week I am going to decide. Either way I love the colours of this Chagall painting above and the way they are quite roughly put onto the canvas.

More ideas on the structure of the film – the timings allow for all of them to run over the time I have suggested:

30 secs: First three sections will be like a montage and only one main scene per stage to show them falling in love, dating and getting pregnant
30 secs: Then I would like the family life to start repeating itself so that some sort of routine is set up between the family of three.
1 min: Then the loss happens and I want to have silence. the shock. the end of life as you knew it. Their world starts to turn upside down, look surreal, things distort, I was imagining their strange shape tears to create new shapes or to fill up buckets or to create patterns, we could see the faces of friends trying to connect, they see the missing shape everywhere, things distort into the missing shape temporarily then back again. Then perhaps after all this noise and movement and distress there is another silence or stop.

30 secs: The stop can turn into small, emerging, slow movement as we begin to see the hope and the echo of the lost shape. Maybe the lost shape can become their shadow. Perhaps thats a bit cheesy. Or they can create the missing shape between them. I am hoping once I start to draw that some of these things will become apparent.

Last night Sacha and I went to see the third night of the public choice programme for the British Animation Awards. It is always really inspiring to go and see other people’s work and especially interesting when lots of the directors are there at the end. Putting a face to an animation is great.

I was excited to see ‘The Full Story’ and I loved the mixed media and the live action worked well with the stop motion and it was so textural, which I enjoyed but I was quite confused with the story and we both got confused with the characters as lots looked similar. The Nicolas Menard film was hilarious, simple and beautiful. Have heart gradually won me over and I think it was really clever, engaging characters and everyone was convinced and felt for the story and the main character, ‘duck’. Both the RCA films, attraction and the day after the party were aesthetically beautiful as the RCA films always are. Attraction was my favourite along with Wednesday with Goddard. It was beautiful and mesmerising especially because it works as one with the music and was made, she spoke about afterwards, in conjunction with the music being made. It is really interesting to see such a mixture of films and to see how you react to that mixture.

Have Heart | Will Anderson
Wednesday with Goddard | Nicolas Ménard
The Full Story | Daisy Jacobs & Christopher Wilder
Attraction | Emily Scaife
Johnno’s Dead | Chris Shepherd
Looper: Farfisa Song
Andreya Triana: Branches of Life | Katerina Athanasopoulou
Katie Melua: Perfect World | Karni and Saul
To Build A Fire | Fx Goby
The Day After the Party | Diyala Muir

I think I liked the films best (attraction, have heart and goddard) that were simple, satisfyingly composed, funny, basic or no character, great use of colour, working well with music and engaging but not in an over the top way.

Now I have one day to finish my storyboard and try and get it into an animatic stage to set myself up for starting to animate in February.

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