These are some pages from my sketch book this week. These are ideas for how the scene can look when the dating shapes go to the cinema. It was helpful to start drawing and I think the storyboard/animatic will be easier to make after this.

This is an idea of how it will look when the couple meet their baby shape. I want to use extreme perspectives to emphasise the size difference.

Above are a few ideas for the day to day life of the shapes. As the shapes are limited in their movement I was also thinking about how other parts of their environment can move for example hands coming out of the bed, lifting up the covers and billowing it over the shapes to imply the shapes having sex. Below I was thinking about how the shapes could move and because it is animation, even though they are 2 dimensional, perhaps the square could stretch to his destination then the rest of his body could join.

I also thought, below left, that when the shapes are looking closely at things their bodies could extend and they could either have lots of eyes or their eyes could move to the sop of their stretched body but they always come back to their original shape.

Below is an idea for their house/environment and the sun passing across the sky to show passing of time. I think looking into their house from a birds eye view could be interesting to play around with. At the moment I can only visualise this project in hand drawn with textured colouring. I would like to figure out a way to incorporate this or maybe do the animating in tv paint and then colour by hand.

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