caroline leaf

Caroline Leaf was the inspiration for the medium of our film ‘Indian Opinion’. Watching her films made me really want to try paint-on-glass. It has a rewarding and challenging process to try out this new technique. We only really had enough time to have one chance so once you have started a scene you just have to go with it and trust it! There is a great book called Fluid Frames that I was advised to get. It gives an incite into how various different artists work with fluid materials to make animations such as sand, paint, oil etc. One of the great things about the medium is that it can surprise you with interesting results that you didn’t plan or you can change the way you are representing something because of how the paint ends up looking on the day. The material can inspire your decisions. Only to an extent though. We stuck very rigidly to the original storyboard but then experimented with how to represent it in paint-on-glass.

This is a still from the tea picking scene in our film. This is the only scene that ended up having multiple layers. This is because it was not always completely clear to the viewer that the activity was tea picking. We were really pleased that people made these constructive comment because it ended up looking a lot better with the green and leaves added. Working with the sound man also added a lot of depth to the environment and was a very satisfying process. We recorded most of our own sound effects but also added a few pre recorded ones such as ‘country day’ sounds for this one that give the audience, hopefully, the feeling that they are outside in a field with the tea pickers.

We listened a lot to soundtracks while we were making the film. Music was helpful in keeping the mood and motivation up in the room.