This weekend I went to the Tate to see the Modigliani exhibition and to the Dulwich Picture Gallery to see Tove Jansson’s work. I enjoyed a lot of Modigliani’s paintings, particularly his later work but it was Tove’s illustrations and paintings and character designs that left me feeling inspired. The worlds she creates are so delicate and full of feeling and meaning. Some of the drawings were so so small you had to look up close to see the characters but even then they were full of life and expression. Here is a drawing below that I loved. I love the tiny figures and their silhouettes in the vast landscape. There is such an immediate sense of story and character in all of her drawings. Her world felt calm and she must have had incredible patience.

I enjoyed the comic strips at the end of the exhibition and the fact that her brother took over creating them for fifteen years because she wanted to focus on painting!

Our ENO project is now coming into the final weeks of production. We have one more scene to finish and the credits. It has been a really rewarding and enjoyable process to see a project through from start to (almost) finish with the seed of an idea to making it with a team of people.


blank piece of paper

I am faced with a blank piece of paper and in need of an idea for my graduation film so I have decided to look through images I have saved/taken in the past for some inspiration.

As well as images – these are some animations that I keep coming back to.  I like their personal quality and the way the everyday and normal around these animators life is made to come alive.

I am going to keep searching for seeds of ideas, reading other stories for inspiration, going to some galleries.