Rose Bakery

In the summer, I was mainly working at the Cafe. I started doing some little moving images for their Instagram. Here are a few of those videos:

Here are a few poster designs I did:

From exhibitions I saw in the summer, Chagall, Kandinsky and Mondrian came back as influences. Here are a few paintings I saw that were inspiring in their expression and use of colour.

and a few other drawings and paintings I did over summer:

‘getting into the car’

‘audience’ – initially I was thinking about looking at audiences for the opera project and their reactions and movements leading up to and during the performance. This clip is still one of my favourites and I think always makes me think of audiences and their reactions:

YouTube Preview Image

These words came after the room with the Chagall painting above at the exhibition I saw. It really struck me with its energy, character and expression. It also has a nice fluidity to it. It is also his use of colour which is clearly brilliant in the paintings below. I am going to try and keep him in mind.

Indian Opinion


We have now entered our second and final year on our MA at Central Saint Martins in Character Animation. We are starting by working on a project with The English National Opera. We all had to pitch ideas to them that where inspired by their upcoming operas. I chose Satyagraha which has music by Philip Glass and is based on Ghandi as a hero figure. My idea got chosen and we are focusing on the use of newspapers (inspired by Phelim McDermott’s sets) as Ghandi was reliant on them to spread his ideas. In particular we are looking at Indian Opinion (film title), a journal Ghandi published in 1903.

Phelim McDermott’s set design for Satyagraha

We had another storytelling workshop with Clare Murphy which was very helpful and really developed my story and allowed me to see the full journey of the narrative. I decided to use paint-on-glass technique. Not just so I could paint (Philip) Glass on glass or because I have wanted to try the technique ever since I saw the films of Caroline Leaf.

But also because wanted to take these literal ideas of receiving his teachings and pair it with the meditative aspect of the opera, Ghandi’s teachings and the music of Philip Glass. They all have meditative ideas behind them whether it be Philip Glass’ repetitive musical structures reminiscent of chants or the operas free form that gives the audience scope for interpretation and personal thought. I thought this medium could enhance this idea of grounding the film in ideas about his teachings but then playing with the visuals like in a way that reflects the non-linear structure of Philip Glass’s musical.

Some initial sketches and ideas:

The images used to pitch this idea/initial concept art:

Here are some tests when I was trying out the medium:

We are now working on making the film. I am working with Shuna, Francis and Siobhan.