wild alive

This video reminds me of Shen Jie’s work who I posted before. It is very bright and both use flashing as a way of creating tension. I would love to use colour in this way or similar but not sure I will have time for this project. Perhaps in the flashing images of people going missing I can have colour.

Over easter I made a music video for my friend’s band.

Some Dr. Seuss artwork I came across recently. I love the colours and textures and character to them all, even the landscape.


register to vote

I made this video because everyone who can should register to vote and then vote.



I also made this video.

I would like to add some textures to my Children’s Society animation. It will be pretty much all in black at white. black character on an white background although I am considering using some bits of colour for some flashing. Here are a few examples of off-white background in animations that could are helpful references of how mine could look.

From ‘Borderlines’ by Hanka Novakova and ‘Penelope’ by Heta Jaalinoja.

And here is mine with a slight off white background but no texture yet.

I have started thinking of ways to actually show a missing person amongst the main animation. I want to someone show absence of what was before. This video below looks more like someone running away but I am thinking of having something with a similar hectic nature showing someone going missing or symbolising someone going missing.


Recording my LAV on Monday should help with the teeth brushing sections.




On Friday evening Valeria, Sacha and I went to see a screening of Joanna Priestley’s work at The BFI followed by a Q&A with Joanna herself. We met her afterwards and got to ask some questions and tell her how much we liked her work and came away feeling very inspired. She has with her, some of the original drawings from ‘Voices’ and we got to look at them and flip them like a flip book. They were beautiful! I personally, and Joanna even commented that people have openly said this as well, prefer her old hand drawn films. In fact, I really love them and don’t like her newer ones. I can see that she enjoys doing them but the audience engagement is not the same. In her early work the audience at the BFI was laughing and there was just a really high energy level. As soon as each film finished everyone was clapping and leaning over to the person next to them to exchange their response. The abstract films obviously come from a different place with a different intention however I couldn’t find much to resonate with and the silence and stillness after each one seemed like confusion not contemplation.

I found her work inspiring for our current project as well as in general. The morphing and transitions in ‘Voices’ in particular as well as the sections of playful abstraction. Here is an example of some great morphing. I like that you can still tell it is the same character but they have been distorted and changed. I am trying to get that across in the stages of deterioration in my film.

There is something about her early work that is so full of life and character. Another thing we all noticed was how important the voice and sound was in her work and how much it transformed even the most simple characters or movements. There is a really personality to the animations because of her voice and it adds a personal nature and vitality that is so strong. It could be fun to record you or a friend talking and just animate from that. About a topic you are interested in maybe.

‘All My Relations’ was hilarious and the design is great. This introduction to the chracters reminded me of ‘Rubicon’ (below). I don’t have a complicated background in ‘Decline’ much like these two images but perhaps I can add some colour in if time.

Steve mentioned, when we showed out animatics that my style reminded him of Picasso’s ceramics. I thought I knew the ones he meant but I hadn’t actually seen them and then by coincidence I saw them a week later at The London Original Print Fair. They are great!


They also made me think of Saul Steinbergs illustrations on objects and furniture

and Jean Jullien who always bring his illustrations into the real world somehow.

Here is an example of my illustrations on parcel, mixing with objects outside of just a flat piece of paper. Coming to life a bit!

We have had some interesting lessons recently on colour theory and perspective.  Here is my attempt at a 4 dimensional drawing.


Two days ago we showed our animatics to The Children’s Society. Everyone’s films were brilliant and it’s inspiring to see what people create. The main comments for mine were to make the deterioration of the character more pronounced. The pacing could be more extreme and varied as well. The character should brush really, really slowly by the end. For the final animation the facial expressions need to be stronger too. Kevin liked the morphs and said he was engaged by the face on screen which was encouraging although I think they need to be more obviously used to link the repetitive brushing parts of the animation and emphasises time passing. Perhaps they could be slightly longer.

Things to do in the next week:

  • develop character design to include deterioration (perhaps whilst animating a section of the film)
  • decide on brushes and save them in tv paint
  • consider simple use of colour for example with flashing technique (see below)
  • decide how the toothbrush will look
  • think about more extreme perspective to add depth to the shots
  • think of ways to make shots more dynamic. Perhaps some close ups
  • ending – I have the character turning away and disappearing. There may be a way to hint at being missing in a better way

Joe showed me some more video’s by Shen Jie whose video “stammer’ I posted about before which is a useful reference for my film.



I was hoping to use some flashing to heighten a feeling of stress by the end but hadn’t thought to use some colour which I will experiment with this week.

I still think there is a way I can make a reference to missing children or the absence of life before perhaps through some simple imagery but I haven’t thought how yet. One suggestion was to flash images of a missing child in amongst the tooth brushing almost like a subliminal message.

craisy daisy


Today I am continuing with my animatic for The Children’s Society. I have decided to use tv paint instead of hand drawn and have found a brush that is similar to the way I usually draw by hand. The short is going to be split into three parts. Three loops. Each will consist of the same three brushing techniques but each time it will get harder and harder. I would also like to have transitions between each loop that give a sense of time passing so it does not seem like it it’s just one day that this character is brushing their teeth. Here is a very rough idea for one transition:


YouTube Preview Image


As well as the transitions and repetition I would like to focus on body acting and ways that people express their discomfort, nerves or sadness for example sighing, rubbing your neck, holding your head forward, head in hands etc. The other thing that needs to worked out is how I am going to end the film. The final words are: ‘not being wanted anywhere’.

Speaking to my mentor helped me have a few more ideas such as all the features gradually disappearing or melting or falling off the character and falling down the plug. Or perhaps the whole character could get fainter and fainter. Or perhaps all the lines making up the character could sort of explode and float away. The idea of absence of what was before may help to sort out the ending. This was an early sketch for this project. It seems like the decline is a lot to do with an absence of the life before being missing. The disappearing of that life is what the decline in my film represents.



This reminds me of Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures because, I remember a friend of mine, talking about how important negative spaces and absence was in her work. Although not a direct reference, musing on her work may help.


Corinthos 1954-5 Dame Barbara Hepworth 1903-1975 Purchased 1962 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T00531


Below is my character. He will be holding a string to turn on the light but I haven’t added that in yet.



I may add some colour later but Initially i’ll focus on the animating and then see if there is time and work out if colour will add anything.

Here is a craisy daisy I made today.



Animation I have enjoyed recently:

YouTube Preview Image


Music I have been animating to:


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

400 blows

I just remembered that there is a brilliant scene from the french film ‘400 blows’ where there is a group of children watching a puppet show and the shots of them watching is so great to watch. The expressions and reactions of the children while they are watching puts the audience in the position of the stage, like how in my film the audience is looking at a person who is looking in the mirror. We are in the viewpoint of the mirror for a lot of it. Here is a particularly great bit of facial expression acting:

As my film for the Children’s Society is mainly just someone brushing their teeth, I really want to emphasise facial expressions and body acting

Here are a few shots from my storyboard however I am now going to spend this week developing the character and deciding what medium to use. I would like to try and get this brush effect in tv paint if possible. The other option is do hand draw all of it on paper.

and here are a few of the tv paint style tests for characters and general aesthetic that I tried out this week.

Last night I went to see the Bafta Shorts at Whirled Cinema, which is a cosy little cinema situated under the railway arches in Loughborough Junction. There were three animations and I was happy to see Jennifer Zhen’s ‘Tough’ in full having enjoyed the trailer and her other work. It had such a fluidity to it’s movement. I love all the bold colours too.