Joe showed us this video at one of our Tuesday evening screenings last term. I think it could be inspiring for my Children’s Society project because, like this video, mine is of just one action. This person is eating an ice cream and mine is brushing its teeth. Even within such a short film and such a simple narrative, suspense it built through repetition and the gradual process of getting closer to the ice cream. I talked to Kevin about the structure of my story and we thought, even in the minute, I could start showing the decline, then build some hope and then deteriorate further.

I also like how, in Stammer, they switch to a shot of a fan to create a sense of time passing and to make the shots slightly more dynamic than just the one view. I also like how the character is placed and need to consider how to interestingly place my characters.

This week we are putting together an animatic for our short film. I am going to try and start by planning the different stages of the film in relation to the words and what I want to get across in those stages and then look at camera angles etc.

Here are a few of my first ideas for my film.

The whole film is someone brushing their teeth. It is essentially about one decline, the decline which happens to a person when they go missing. I need to figure out how I am going to portray that in the acting of the character through their body language, facial expressions and through the camera angles.

A few things I have noticed recently that people do when they are

Helen Frankenthaler’s work is really fluid and soft and maybe I can try and incorporate some of that into my work. I would like it to have a fluidity to it which will emphasise the repetition of the every day activity which begins to be a struggle. The drawings above are in water colour and I was hoping to get that sort of texture in Tv Paint.

There are some Hokusai drawings of people doing every day activities and also some more abstract images that could be inspiring for if I show the water in the sink, which I am planning to do.

Here are some music videos I’ve found inspiring recently:

Amber Vittoria’s illustrations, passed onto me by Ines, use colour boldy and I really enjoy her under water scenes.

I made a poster move for some friends of mine.

I am working on a hand drawn gif and it is taking a lot longer than I thought so here is a still for now.




Jennifer Zheng has been an inspiration recently. I like the fluidity of her work and some of her stylistic qualities like colour choice resonate with me. I also like the movement in her films. From the short clips of tough and in particular in the teaser for ‘exquisite corpse’ the extreme birds eye view of the table. I’ve been thinking quite a lot about trying to incorporate more extreme angles in my Children’s society short.

When we had our storytelling workshop with Clare Murphy, one of the most inspiring days yet, she showed us a short film called ‘Nugget’s. It has really stuck with me because of its simplicity in terms of character and overall design. The storytelling is so effective yet there are no words and it is just the journey of the character and his deterioration in shape and mood that we connect to. It is very powerful. I have been trying to think of my children’s society project in this vein and break down the story to its essentials and what it is really about. In my story, essentially, it is about how young people deteriorate emotionally, physically and mentally when they go missing. The word ‘decline’ is repeated and the whole narrative is sort of about decline. My intention is to make my character show this decline without the visuals being about someone going missing in a literal sense but more to focus on what happens to the person. Here is ‘Nuggets’

YouTube Preview Image

This video ‘Rubicon’, which i came across in an animation compilation dvd, is simple and effective. I love the aesthetic and way of storytelling. I also like the crisp, textured sound effects.

YouTube Preview Image

As well as extreme angles, moving around your characters seems to be an effective way to portray a sense of drama and intrigue. It makes me feel dizzy in this video but…

YouTube Preview Image

These are the designs from my penultimate project last term. I am going to try and develop these sorts of characters for my children’s society project. The simple lines. I haven’t quite worked out who my character is in the voice recording about missing children. 

I find myself constantly collecting images. These all feed into how I envisage my work and, as we are always told, looking at the world around you directly can be the most inspiring thing to do, as well as other people’s animations.

Still from ‘Un Jour’

One of the things I take a lot of photos of, is light and darkness and shadows. This could be helpful for the children’s society project as well. The film that Shaun showed us right at the start of the course ‘Un Jour’, a couple of us re watched the other day. It is all in black and white and it is beautiful in its style and story. Perhaps I can bring some elements of light and dark to help with portraying mood in the film. There needs to be some sort of progression and change from start to finish so perhaps light can help do this.

Bosch has been a big influence for a while now. I like looking back at him for inspiration.

Last year was the 500 year anniversary of his death and I went to a huge restropective of his work in the town called Den Bosch. He named himself after his home town and as far as I can tell is th emost well known person or anything to come out of their town. It still feels very medieval there in terms of the architecture.

Here are a couple of sketches from the last few weeks.

Here is one of my sketches from the development stages of the Children Society project.