when the day breaks


This is one of my final exercises from our Unit 1. We were each given a section of dialogue from the same story. The part I was given says ‘dead on the banks’ in a strong, dramatic tone. It worked well having words at the beginning and building a character from them as a starting point. There is already so much character in a voice alone. I had this character, below, lying around and decided to use him and adopt him into this role. I then acted out some different body movements to go with the dialogue, decided on this movement and then worked on the actual lip syncing. I really enjoyed working in this way (being given a voice) and was pleased with the result. I now have a lot of videos of me acting out ‘dead on the banks’. It really helps to act first, a long standing method in animation.

Here are some more of my character designs, mostly for the second lip sync project. I have been watching peoples hands a lot recently because they reveal a lot about a person and how they are feeling. The tomato lady has a spindly, elegant hand with a cigarette loosely held between her fingers. Sometimes objects can also be extensions or punctuations of someones personality. The dialogue for my second lip sync inspired a strong, sassy lady who is relaxed within her self.

We have a monthly screening of animations we have all seen and enjoyed and this was mine from March. I particularly enjoy the scene near the beginning of the female pig singing. It demonstrates how really simple lip syncing can be used very effectively. The weight of the characters and the character design and brilliant. I’m still trying to get more weight and substance into my character but am getting there. Here is ‘When the Day Breaks’, enjoy! It is very charming.