nicolas renard

This week I came across Nicolas Menard on It’s Nice That’s animation section. His work caught my eye and stuck with me because of his bold use of colour, his clean graphic style and sense of humour.

Last week I went to the London Short Film Festival’s animation evening at The ICA. There was an inspiring mixture of work. One of my favourite was ‘Love in Idleness’ mainly because of the technique. I would like to try experimenting with different hand drawn materials and techniques. ‘Klementhro’ demonstrated how simple a successful idea can be and how effective repetition in animation can be.

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Love in Idleness – clip – the making of from Film London on Vimeo.

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I keep looking back at Michael Dudok’s work for inspiration.

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I have attempted a dog running twice now (see one below). I sent my first one to my mentor and she said to be careful with the volume of the animal’s legs. I tried to pay attention to this in my new one but I had the same comments from Steve so I may have to try again! I am still pleased with how some of it moves and it feels like a big step making four legged creatures move. I also had some trouble keeping the volume of my four legged walk’s legs consistent.

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uncertain furniture

We have been set the task of researching and developing a creature for a Green Screen project. The project will involve a creature we animate walking across the screen and then interacting with some live action footage of us or a colleague. My first idea is to design a character that is based on either a table or a chair but with the characteristics of a dog. I’ve started by doing some sketches of my dog over christmas along with some drawings of furniture and thinking about how it could move.








anna ginsburg

Anna Ginsburg works in London as a freelance animator. I have been following her work for a while and first came across her because of a music video she made for Bombay bicycle club. It is a stop motion animation and It drew me in because of the attention to detail on the puppet and use of materials to create his world as well as enjoying the song. Colour is cleverly used to separate the two worlds of dream and awake.



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Apart from her music videos, her animated documentaries are what inspire me the most about her work. She recently made a successful documentary called ‘Private Parts’ that raises the issue of sexual inequality. As I said in my presentation on Anna, animated documentaries can allow people to engage more easily with tricky subject matters and in this case make them easier to talk about. This is definitely an area of animation I would like to explore more. As well as talking about these issues, the design of the film is great. It is directed by AG but lots of different animators worked on the film, she got in touch with people she admired and many agreed to work on it. Here it is:



Here are some stills some a few of her music videos and documentaries:





Since doing my presentation on AG, we had a lecture on Animated Documentaries, a prevalent genre, I’ve since realised. It can be useful for visualising things that are hard to express like how someone feels when they are experiencing mental health problems.



Happy New Year

It has been a while since my last post so i’ll do a few now to catch you up on everything i’ve been doing. I am going to show you some of my animations including the ones we handed in for our assessment at the end of term one, some experiments and some works in progress.

First, this is Larry. I made this in one of our software lessons on a Tuesday. I found it difficult not to make it look like it was sliding once we made it move. That is definitely something to keep working on.


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This is Larry_2. There is a lot wrong with the movement in this video however I was pleased with how adding a background in AE added another dimension. I think the design would have worked better hand drawn rather than computer animated.



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This cauliflower is my bouncing creature for our first term assessment. I made some labels for some jars of Piccalilli at the cafe where I work which inspired me to use the cauliflower again as a character. I have enjoyed working on this character a lot and perhaps I will take some more influence from the cafe.



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Here are the label designs:

piccalili_colour chilli_jam

In fact I saw someone else inspired by food and drink when I went to see the William Kentridge exhibition over the holidays. I enjoyed his recurring moka pot motif especially in the video recreating of the trip to the moon video. Here is one of his Moka pots. The way he has drawn on a surface aside from blank paper gives the image an interesting texture and puts it in an environment of its own in a way. A long with the cauliflower, this term I am going to see what else I can take influence from at work makin’ coffee and servin’ tables.



Practicing walk cycles over the holidays.


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Having a stretch. I have been thinking that doing some sketching at my yoga class would make for some good observational drawing.


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This is my grumpy christmas tree mood change walk (mouth full).


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