Year one is over. Still from my final film from this year, ‘decline’ above. I have learnt a lot from trying to make a one minute film to a brief. It was challenging but also enjoyable. Things I have learnt/want to do in the future:

  1. Things always work out differently to what you imagined so you have to sort of relax into the film and see how it develops
  2. I would like to get better acquainted with after effects, premiere and other useful software. This time I really just focused on the animating and tried to practice the body acting and facial expression work we have done whilst incorporating some morphs.
  3. More time spent on development and storyboarding could help although in this case It was my first time doing this process and maybe It will just take time and practice to make storyboarding more useful for me.
  4. Adding more colour and texture and trying out new mediums.
  5. I like straight ahead animating


I like the look of this film

Saw some fantastic character animation in ‘Whisper of the heart’ the other day:

I haven’t read about him yet or found out anything but I came across an artist called Frank K Lundangi. I love his colour and imagination:

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